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Workshop Schedule – 2015 NQAPIA National Conference


Session Evaluations

Misplaced your program book? Suddenly lost all your papers? Volunteers should have extra evaluations in each session room, but you can also be green by filling out an electronic evaluation.

Conference Grid

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Conference Program Booklet

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  • Standard Workshop: Basic (1 hr. 15 min.) sessions for general discussion or presentations
  • 3-hour Workshop: Longer (3 hr.) sessions to learn and apply new skills or provide a more thorough treatment of a topic
  • Open Networking Caucus: Facilitated discussions of particular themes to organize around and are welcoming to all to participate
  • Closed Affinity Caucus: Discussions for specific identities (e.g., Southeast Asian, transgender/gender non-conforming, polyamorous, youth) designated as “safe spaces” that are limited to only those who so affiliate
  • Arts/Cultural Program: Performances (7-15 min.) during the Saturday Arts/Cultural night. Daylong standing exhibits are also possible for display.
  • Pre-Conference Convenings: Strategic daylong (8 hr.) meetings on Thursday.


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