2020 Virtual Events

During these times of social distancing, where so many of us are feeling isolated and confronting rising anti-Asian violence and global anxieties, NQAPIA is building virtual spaces of intention, connection, and community. We’ve launched a series of virtual engagements which will include community healing through virtual support groups; cultural celebrations in cooking classes, QTAPI artist performances, and mindful movement courses; and lastly skill building workshops  and political education 101 spaces to prepare our community for the multitude of implications we will face. Stay tuned for our weekly updates! Join our email listserv to get weekly updates on these events.

Community guidelines 

  1. Be conscious of how much space you are taking up. Privileges exist in virtual spaces as well. 
  2. Please refrain from sending lewd, suggestive, or unsolicited private messages in this space without the consent of the other person. 
  3. Please respect the facilitator. It takes a lot to navigate technology and share their topics. 
  4. Do what you need to do to be engaged & respectful. 

Support Groups

Join us for our biweekly LGBTQ+ API support group. This is a space for our QTAPI community to connect, process this current moment, and build intentional space together. We will discuss our anxieties, do processing activities, and make friends! While so many of us are confronting separation from their chosen family and struggling in isolation, NQAPIA is building this intentional space for us to heal and connect.

Skill Shares

The public health threat of coronavirus has shown us now, more than ever, the importance of mutual aid and community care. As part of our commitment to community care, we have set up remote skill share opportunities for folks to take part in as they navigate the ongoing challenges of COVID19. These are sessions led by and for LGBTQ+ API community to build the skills we need to survive and thrive as we navigate the pandemic and its myriad of impacts.

Political Education 101

As part of our commitment to community care, we have set up introductory political education conversation spaces to learn and process this current moment in community. We believe this can be a transformative moment, and NQAPIA is committed to learning together throughout it. These sessions are designed to cover complex political issues and educate our community. To help us colearn, NQAPIA invites a collection of on-the-ground organizers to share their perspectives, insights, and local work.

Mindful Movement

Join us in community opportunities for folks to embody and ground themselves. Learning about traditional forms of movement and meditation, our community is connecting about ways to heal and move through our gender liberation and queerness.

Cultural Cooking

Join us for our cooking class where we will be learning to cook cultural classics! This series will be a way for folks to learn to prepare cultural staples from their own homes, led by and for LGBTQIA+ API chefs and inexperienced cooks alike. 

QTAPI Performance Art Parties

Just because the clubs and performance venues are closed, doesn’t mean we stop celebrating! Join us NQAPIA’s monthly QTAPI performance art party featuring drag performances, dancing, singing, and music performances. We are building a space centering joy, artistic expression, and the multitudes of our community while uplifting the talent of our community. 

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