Take Action: Urge the Census Bureau to “Count Us, Don’t Erase Us!”

Send a Message to the Census

The Census is used to determine the allocation of $300 billion of federal funding for community resources and services, enforce an array of civil rights laws, and apportion political representation. 

NQAPIA has worked on many prior censuses and is a Census 2020 partner to help the Bureau achieve a full and accurate count.  

Complete the form to send an email message to the Census Bureau Director, urging him to resolve these key issues:

1. The Census Should Recognize Sexual Orientation

2. The Census Form Must Accommodate People of Transgender Experience.  

3. Restore the Middle Eastern/ North African Race/ Ethnic Option

4. The Census Paid Advertising Campaign Should Not Exclude South Asians

5. Confidentiality Defense and Blocking ICE

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