Family is Still Family: Public Service Announcements

Chinese PSAsIn the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community, young people often see coming out as an act of shaming and dishonoring their parents and their ancestors, but staying in the closet takes a greater toll, causing isolation, depression, and even suicide.

Our “Family Is Still Family” television PSA Campaign—the first-ever multi-lingual public service announcements created especially for API parents—offers a powerful message: offer your LGBTQ child a lifeline, support their coming out, and keep the family strong and unified.

These groundbreaking ads feature parents, some of whom are foreign-born immigrants with limited English proficiency, who declare acceptance and unconditional love for their LGBTQ children.

Last year, the “Family Is Still Family” PSAs, produced in association with the Asian Pride Project, aired on local Asian ethnic television stations during LGBTQ Pride Month in markets across the U.S., including Boston, Chicago, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

South Asian PSAs

Multilingual Videos

NQAPIA worked with the Asian Pride Project to develop a series of short, multilingual videos of AAPI parents who love their LGBTQ children. You can find all of the videos on

Mandarin with English subtitles – Deanna Cheng, a Chinese mother of a gay son
Cantonese with English subtitles – Rosetta Lai, a Chinese mother of a lesbian daughter

South Asian
Hindi with English subtitles – Kamlesh and Harcharan Bagga, Indian parents of a gay son
English with Hindi subtitles – Vinay Chaudhry, an Indian father of a genderqueer child

Korean with English subtitles – Clara Yoon, a Korean mother of a transgender son

English with Japanese subtitles – Marsha and Tad Aizumi, Japanese parents of a transgender son

Southeast Asian
Vietnamese with English subtitles – Ha Nguyen, a Vietnamese mother of a gay son
English with Lao subtitles – Phanida Phivilay, a Lao mother of a lesbian daughter

English with Tagalog subtitles – Carol Mannion, a Filipina mother of a gay son

Family is Still Family - Filipino

None of the parents are actors. They are all everyday parents from different parts of the country.

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2016 Voter Guide

Click the links below for PDF copies and translations of this voter guide:

NQAPIA 2016 Presidential Voter Guide ~ Chinese ~ Hindi ~ Korean ~ Vietnamese


Click the links below for PDF copies and translations of this voter guide:

NQAPIA 2016 Presidential Voter Guide ~ Chinese ~ Hindi ~ Korean ~ Vietnamese


Click the links below for PDF copies and translations of this voter guide:

NQAPIA 2016 Presidential Voter Guide ~ Chinese ~ Hindi ~ Korean ~ Vietnamese



Click the links below for PDF copies and translations of this voter guide:

NQAPIA 2016 Presidential Voter Guide ~ Chinese ~ Hindi ~ Korean ~ Vietnamese


Media Contact: Mark Ro Beyersdorf,, (347) 669-2584
Organizational representatives are available for interviews


針對州參議員參選人與韓裔社區領袖鄭勝振於8月29日刊登於紐約每日日報歧視非異性戀者的(同性戀者、雙性戀者、跨性別者、性別認同疑惑者, 英文簡稱LGBTQ)言論,韓裔同志社區組織、韓裔盟友們、以及亞太裔同志社區組織的共同聲明如下:






  • API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC (ARP PFLAG NYC)
  • Asian Pride Project
  • Dari Project
  • Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York (GAPIMNY)
  • Korean Americans for Political Advancement (KAPA)
  • Korean American Rainbow Parents (KARP)
  • National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA)
  • Q-WAVE


QAPIs 4 Black Lives: Show your Solidarity

We, as LGBTQ AAPIs, cannot continue to watch Black lives being taken away. We need to show our support through actions, and more than ever, now is the time to have hard conversations about solidarity in our communities.

Sign the Pledge for Justice

Join the Movement for Black Lives by taking the pledge for solidarity. Although the #BlackLivesMatter movement has grown, so has the violence against it. We must continue to show courage and spread love despite so much unjust, state violence.

We are the Movement for Black Lives

What is our Place in the Movement?

In our QAPIs4BlackLives video, members of the NQAPIA family share painful personal experiences to describe how the QAPI community has been marginalized by police. Watch, listen, and learn why it is necessary to support #BlackLivesMatter.


Click the image to watch NQAPIA’s QAPIs4BlackLives video

Continue the Conversation with your Family

Letters for Black Lives

Within many of our families, #BlackLivesMatter is not a topic we discuss. After the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, the AAPI community crowdsourced An Open Letter to our Parents about BLM.

This letter is a conversation starter to a greater discussion. Not only is this letter in English, but it is also in multiple languages with alternate versions still being created to make this document as accessible as possible.

Read some of the Asian versions including Arabic, Bahasa (Indonesian and Malaysian), Bengali, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Farsi, Hindi, Hmong (white and green dialect), Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Share your Support

Sign the pledge. Watch the video. Read the letter.

#BlackLivesMatter  #APIs4BlackLives  #M4BLPledge  #AAPICall4Solidarity

家依舊 . . . . 愛依然 . . . .

Traditional Chinese Leaflet

家依舊 . . . . 愛依然 . . . .

許多家庭中,父母都可能發現自己的孩子是女同性戀、男同性戀、雙性戀及跨性別人士 (LGBT)。  面對親人的“出櫃”,其他家庭成員一般會產生各種疑問。  作為解決疑問的出發點,您首先要了解下列一些要點:

  • 人們不能選擇他們愛誰或如何去愛。

LGBT 人士的性傾向並非是自己選擇或因意外事故而導致的,  這亦並非因為來到美國、生活在大城市或身邊有 LGBT 的朋友而造成的。事實上,根據加州大學洛杉磯分校法學院威廉姆斯學院的調查顯示,在美國亞裔太平洋島居民中,有 325,000 人(即 2.8%)的人屬於 LGBT人士。  然而,沒有人能夠清楚肯定性取向和性別認定是如何形成的,但大多數 LGBT 人士在年少時已經意識到自己與別人有所不同。

  •  LGBT 和他們的父母並沒有錯

對於 LGBT 的父母而言,開始時常懷有內疚和羞愧的情緒,但父母並非導致子女成為 LGBT的原因。到現時為止,仍然未發現到導致 LGBT 的環境因素,成為 LGBT 僅僅在於個體本身。  研究發現,家庭的接納可提升這類人士的健康和幸福感。  家人的愛和支持可減少危險及自殘行為,如濫用藥物、危害健康的行為以及自殺。

  • LGBT 群體也能擁有幸福而成功的生活

許多 LGBT 群體都過著充實而健康的生活。美國及整個世界都在改變,  更多的州和國家已經承認同性婚姻。  威廉姆斯學院發現,在亞裔太平洋島民 33,000 人的同性婚姻中,有 26% 的家庭在撫養孩子。  此外,LGBT 群體也能夠取得事業上的成功。  許多企業、公司、機構及非牟利組織已經公開表示支持他們的 LGBT 員工。

  • 越來越多的信仰傳統正在「演變」並對 LGBT 群體更加包容友好

許多宗教和信仰的立場逐漸改變,對 LGBT 群體持有包容友好的態度。   以往所編寫的一些經文段落的字句,只旨在於描述某個特定時代的思想和文化。  如今,許多信仰傳統已經意識到,接受 LGBT 群體更能凸顯強大的宗教和精神價值,例如同情、愛、仁慈的上帝及愛人如己的信念。

  • 讓我們的世界變得更美好

許多州和城市的民權法均要求保護 LGBT 群體。  然而,對於這些有別於大部分人之群體,目前仍存在有歧視行為。  所以,不論種族、族群、宗教、國籍、移民身份、性取向或性別認同如何,我們都有責任創造一個充滿公平、安全與尊重的世界。

  • 教育自己和他人。 

您可隨時獲取各種支援資料和資源。如 PFLAG(為支援 LGBT 的父母、家庭及朋友提供服務)、National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) 及 Asian Pride Project 等組織都能為您和您的家人提供協助。  如需與上述組織聯絡,請登入:www.pflag.orgwww.nqapia.org或。



Download the Traditional Chinese leaflet PDF.

Watch the Mandarin and Cantonese PSA videos.

家依旧 . . . . 爱依然 . . . .

Chinese Simplified Leaflet

家依旧 . . . . 爱依然 . . . .


  • 人们不能选择他们爱谁或如何去爱。

LGBT 的性倾向并非是自己选择或因意外事故而导致的,更不是因为来到美国、生活在大城市或身边有 LGBT 的朋友而造成的。事实上,根据加州大学洛杉矶分校法学院威廉姆斯学院的调查显示,在美国亚裔太平洋岛居民中,有 325,000 人(即 2.8%)的人被认定为 LGBT。然而,没有人能够清楚肯定性取向和性别认定是如何形成的,但大多数 LGBT 在年少时已经意识到自己与别人有所不同。

  • LGBT 和他们的父母并没有错

对于 LGBT 的父母而言,开始时常怀有内疚和羞愧的情绪,但父母并非导致子女成为 LGBT 的原因。到目前为止,仍然未发现导致 LGBT 的环境因素,成为 LGBT 仅仅在于个体本身。研究发现,家庭的接纳可提升这类人群的健康和幸福感。家人的爱和支持可减少危险的自残行为,如滥用药物、危害健康的行为以及自杀。

  • LGBT 群体也能拥有着幸福而成功的生活

许多 LGBT 群体都过着充实而健康的生活。美国及整个世界都在改变。更多的州和国家已经承认同性婚姻。威廉姆斯学院发现,在亚裔太平洋岛民 33,000 人的同性婚姻中,有 26% 的家庭在抚养孩子。此外,LGBT 群体也能够取得事业上的成功。许多企业、公司、机构及非营利性组织已经公开表示支持他们的 LGBT 员工。

  • 越来越多的信仰传统正在演变并对LGBT 群体更加包容友好

许多宗教和信仰的立场逐渐改变,对 LGBT 群体持有包容友好的态度。以往所编写的一些经文段落中的字句,只旨在于描述某个特定时代的思想和文化。如今,许多信仰传统已经意识到,接受 LGBT 群体更能凸显强大的宗教和精神价值,例如同情、爱、仁慈的上帝及爱人如己的信念。

  • 让我们的世界变得更美好

许多州和城市的民权法均要求保护 LGBT 群体。然而,对于这些有别于大部分人之群体,目前仍存有歧视行为。所以,无论种族、族群、宗教、国籍、移民身份、性取向或性别认同如何,我们都有责任创造一个充满公平、安全与尊重的世界。

  • 教育自己和他人。

您可随时获取各种支持资料和资源。诸如 PFLAG(为支持 LGBT 的父母、家庭及朋友提供服务)、National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) 及 Asian Pride Project 等组织都能为您和您的家人提供帮助。如需与上述组织联系,请访问:www.pflag.orgwww.nqapia.org或。



Download the Simplified Chinese leaflet PDF.

Watch the Mandarin and Cantonese PSA videos.

Chinese Parents who Love their LGBT Kids – PSA


Chinese Parents who Love their LGBT Kids – PSA

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have Asian American parents who love their LGBT kids say that… on television… in Chinese? In June, tune in to your local Asian Television station, and see for yourselves!

NQAPIA and the Asian Pride Project collaborated to develop a series of multilingual public service announcements (PSA)—short, beautiful videos of Asian American, South Asian, and Southeast Asian parents who love their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) children.

Asian ethnic television stations will air these videos during the month of June.

Mandarin with English subtitles – Deanna Cheng, a Chinese mother of a gay son
Cantonese with English subtitles – Rosetta Lai, a Chinese mother of a lesbian daughter

Throughout the LGBT Pride Month, we are also releasing videos featuring other Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian parents of transgender and genderqueer kids as well. Our goals are to diversify the faces of parents who have LGBT kids and to promote understanding and acceptance.

Multilingual Leaflets in 19 Asian languages

NQAPIA and parents developed a series of one-page, translated leaflets for parents who have LGBT kids. The multilingual leaflets answer basic questions about being LGBT and dispel common misperceptions. They are in nineteen (19) Asian languages and scripts—the largest number of languages ever translated from a single LGBT document.

Simplified script leaflet (click to view and download)
Traditional script leaflet (click to view and download)

We hope the videos and written materials will be helpful resources for young people (and really anyone) who aim to come out to their parents.