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You can't rely on symptoms to tell if you have HIV. The only way to know for sure is to GET TESTED.
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Find HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Providers Enter your address, city and state, or ZIP Code: GO For more information on this widget, please visit HIV.gov. Love & Solidarity: Together PrEP, Testing, and Treatment Can End HIV/AIDS All information listed here is from www.HIV.gov Find a Testing Location What Is HIV? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. […]

Amazin LeThi Bodybuilder
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LGBTQ API Athletes: Amazin LêThị

LGBTQ API Athletes: Amazin LêThị Amazin LêThị was a Vietnamese professional bodybuilder and now does advocacy work with her organization the Amazin Lethi Foundation, promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and equality for LGBT youth. She grew up in Australia, where she said, as a teen, she was bullied for being Asian and, later on, for being part […]

Nearly 2/3 of Asians have never been tested for HIV
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National API HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

HIV stigma hurts individuals and our API community. Saving face can’t make you safe when Asians have statistically significant growth of HIV infection (5% increase from 2010-2014)! We need to empower each other to build healthier communities. Do You Know if You Have HIV? 66.5% of Asian Americans and 43.1% of Native Hawaiian or other […]

Conrad Ricamora at the 2016 Community Catalyst Awards
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Share a Coffee with Actor Conrad Ricamora

Making our Communities Visible on National Television On this Friday morning, instead of worrying on your way to work, hearing the news and quickly grabbing some coffee to-go, join Conrad Ricamora in slowing down, making coffee at home, and donating your $5 latte money to an organization who will protect your community. Conrad, from ABC’s […]