Immigration Rights

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Our ongoing immigrants’ rights campaign speaks to the need for an all-encompassing immigration agenda and promotes understanding of the real experiences of diverse LGBT AAPIs.

Our Statement of Principles on LGBT AAPI immigrants’ rights supports a comprehensive immigration agenda that reforms the broken immigration system through the following:

  • Legalization of undocumented immigrants
  • Expanded visa programs for students and workers (both low-wage and professional)
  • Legal protections to guard against racial profiling, detentions, and deportations
  • Fewer restrictions in political asylum applications, including lifting of the one year deadline
  • Protection of family immigration, including extending family-sponsorship for bi-national same-sex couples.

Our Work

NQAPIA has been working on immigrants’ rights and engaged the national dialogue on comprehensive immigration reform for a number of years. Since 2010, in collaboration with local LGBT AAPI organizations and allies, NQAPIA hosted over a dozen community forums on immigrants’ rights in various cities across the country. Nearly a thousand people attended the forums, where immigrant speakers put a real face on the campaign and told their stories of being undocumented, denied asylum, or separated from their partners or families. The forums also featured experts and advocates who reviewed various immigration reform issues.

Currently, our campaign brings in those who have a direct stake in the outcome of reform. It includes several distinct components. Watch the video about our immigration rights campaign, and continue reading below:

Community Forums on LGBT immigrants’ rights
Educating local organizations and leaders on immigration reform, explain different proposals, and encourage action.

Promoting immigrants’ rights and discussing comprehensive immigration reform
with mainstream, ethnic, and LGBT media (print media, the internet, and social media) via press conferences, op-eds, and other opportunities to engage news organizations.

Publication of Undocumented LGBT AAPI Immigrants’ Stories
We know full well that when we tell our stories, support for equality increases. Many stories have come out about undocumented young people and undocumented Latinos. Few have been about LGBT Asian Americans and we hope to bring their voices to the fore. We hope to publish these stories on-line, in print media, as sound clips, and, as short videos.

Analysis on Immigration Reform Legislation
Providing analysis of the impact of immigration reform legislation on AAPI LGBT communities.

National Sign-On to Principles on Comprehensive LGBT Immigrants’ Rights
NQAPIA’s Statement of Principles (see above) has already been translated into the languages are those spoken by the largest number of Asian Americans who have the highest rates of limited English proficiency: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Bengali, Urdu, and Punjabi. We hope to have it co-signed by all the nation’s LGBT AAPI organizations.

Immigrants’ rights will be a core theme of NQAPIA’s annual Summit. We hope
to provide a deeper understanding of immigration reform proposals, build skills, and develop strategy.

Strategic Impact on Advocacy
NQAPIA is engaging its fellow national partners in Washington, DC, both those serving AAPI communities and LGBT communities, on messaging, framing, and strategy to promote a truly inclusive and intersectional analysis in the national conversation.