Annual Training and Issue Briefing for Leaders of LGBT AAPI organizations

This weekend long summit focuses on networking, learning about current issues, sharing strategies, building local organizational infrastructure, and building national collaborative programs. Prior convenings were held in Denver in 2008 and Oakland, CA in 2005. Our next training will be held in Chicago in 2010 and California in 2011.


National Conference

This conference focuses on grassroots LGBT AAPI activists from across the nation. Prior national conferences were in Seattle in 2009 (250 attendees) and New York in 2004 (400 attendees). Washington, DC is proposed for the next conference in 2012.


LGBT Immigrants’ Rights and Immigration Reform

We are engaged in an educational and advocacy campaign that includes local community forums on LGBT immigrants’ rights featuring immigration attorneys, advocates, and immigrants and a national postcard campaign.


Multilingual Visibility Campaign

NQAPIA aims to increase the visibility of LGBTs in the mainstream Asian American community and of Asian Americans in the broader LGBT community. This multilingual education campaign includes outreach to the Asian ethnic media and educational pieces translated into several Asian languages.


Capacity Building Resources for Local Organizations

This includes a descriptive directory of all of the nation’s LGBT AAPI groups, organizational tool kit with best practices and model documents, fiscal sponsorship, and special trainings/workshops.


Participation in Current Issues

NQAPIA raises the LGBT AAPI voice in current issues and we promotes LGBT AAPI engagement. Some examples include the Equality March on Washington in 2009, Immigrants’ Rights March on Washington in 2010, and Census 2010.

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