2018 Winter Olympics and the State of LGBTQ Rights

With the 2018 Winter Olympics underway in PyeongChang, South Korea, the world’s attention will be turning to the best-of-the-best athletes competing for gold.

LGBTQ API Athletes

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Over the years, some athletes have come out as LGBTQ, showing us that being LGBTQ and achieving excellence can and does go hand-in-hand. There is a Chinese lesbian on Team USA competing for the ice hockey goal medal.  One is a Pacific Islander NFL linebacker. Another is a queer female body builder from Vietnam. And, last a trans man competing in Harvard men’s swimming team.

State of LGBTQ Rights in Asia and the Pacific

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At the same time, there’s minimal visibility for LGBTQ Asian and Asian American athletes. Part of this is because of entrenched cultural homophobia and transphobia. Many countries in Asia and the Pacific don’t allow for same-sex marriage or partnership, and they lack LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws. Often, residents don’t have the right to change their legal gender. Click to take an in-depth look at this NQAPIA fact sheet for more info on the state of LGBTQ rights in Asia and the Pacific.

Speak Out for LGBTQ Protections in South Korea

South Korea has the makings of a broad legal framework to protect LGBT people from discrimination and violence, but it lacks provisions for enforcement and remedy. As tens of thousands of travelers flock to South Korea to watch the Olympic Games, we wanted to take a moment and outline the state of LGBTQ rights in the host country: Fact Sheet: LGBTQ Rights in South Korea.

You can help by writing to the Korean president and urging the government to institute tangible mechanisms to hold perpetrators of anti-LGBT discrimination accountable. Only then can the LGBT community in South Korea receive the equal protection from the laws that they deserve.

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