NQAPIA Seeks Fall 2012 Interns

The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) is a federation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations.  We seek to build the organizational capacity of local LGBT AAPI groups, develop leadership, promote visibility, educate our community, enhance grassroots organizing, expand collaborations, and challenge homophobia and racism.

NQAPIA is seeking talented students and people for internships in the following:

  • National Advocacy for LGBT AAPIs  

Interns will attend high level national policy meetings, congressional briefings, and other events to raise the concerns of LGBTs in mainstream civil rights issues, and of AAPIs in LGBT rights issues.

  • LGBT Immigrants’ Rights and Immigration Reform

The intern will work directly with queer Asian immigrants and media professionals to develop testimonials and personal narratives that can be posted on websites, printed for publication, and developed for audio and video distribution.  The goal is to bring the real lives of queer Asian immigrants to the fore and to inspire others to come out and take action.  The intern will also assist in coordinating community press conferences and other community meetings.

  • Multilingual Visibility Campaign

NQAPIA aims to improve the visibility of LGBTs in the mainstream AAPI community and of AAPIs in the broader LGBT community.  Interns will assist in developing a multilingual education campaign that includes outreach to the Asian ethnic media and educational pieces translated into several Asian languages.

  • Capacity Building Resources, Workshops, and Trainings

Interns will also have an opportunity to participate in activities to build the capacity of AAPI LGBT organizations, with a focus on supporting capacity to promote political and civic engagement.


Description of Internships  

The intern will learn strategies in using public policy, grassroots organizing, and the media to advance social justice.  Interns are supervised by NQAPIA professional staff.  Interns work primarily on research and writing, policy advocacy, community outreach and organizing, and administrative support.  Successful intern applications will stress qualities such as experience and passion for the issues and communities served, skills relevant to the activities described, and additional traits such as attention to detail, organization skills, and professional demeanor.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting September 1.  These internships are not paid positions, but academic credit can be arranged.  During the Fall, interns work anywhere between 25-40 hours per week.  Internships are usually about ten weeks and generally are expected to run September through December on a schedule agreed upon by the intern and NQAPIA.

Internships will be based in NQAPIA’s Washington, DC headquarters near Dupont Circle.

To Apply:

Any bilingual ability should be stated in the resume.  Bilingual ability is helpful but not required. Applications should also state the number of hours the intern is able to work per week.  Send a resume and cover letter to:


NQAPIA Intern Search

1322 18th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20036

Email: nqapia@gmail.org

Electronic submissions strongly preferred.  Please write: “Intern Applicant” in the Subject.


For more information, visit NQAPIA’s web site or contact Ben de Guzman at ben_deguzman@nqapia.org or 202-422-4909.


NQAPIA is a project of the Tides Center.