NQAPIA Condemns Atlanta Attacks

We are heartbroken and outraged by the horrific acts of hate last night in Atlanta. NQAPIA mourns the lives lost and grieves the lives that are forever changed. While we await more details of this particular act of terrorism, we know that there has been a huge surge of documented hate violence towards Asian Americans over the past year, that Asian American women have overwhelmingly borne the brunt of it, and these acts have been likeliest to take place at Asian American businesses. We also know that migrants and those involved in sex work are particularly vulnerable to violence.

Whether racial slurs, discriminatory practices, or acts of gun violence, we know anti-Asian violence is being fueled by years and generations of vicious anti-Asian rhetoric, and disinvestment in policies that would actually make our communities safer. We also know that white supremacist harm is not limited to Asian-American communities.

We stand with last night’s victims and survivors, and with everyone feeling unsafe today, and everyday. As we mourn, we demand that our leaders at all levels who have been absent, silent, or much worse for too long, do the hard work of fighting white supremacy and rooting it out in all of our communities and systems.

Stand with our communities in any way you can. Report anti-Asian violence at www.stopaapihate.org. Reach out for support.

Here are resources to donate and support:

https://www.redcanarysong.net/ – a grassroots collective that supports Asian and migrant sex workers in the US and around the world.



In community and solidarity,

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