Nominate an LGBTQ AAPI Organization for our Community Catalyst Awards

Member of the Year Awards

Next week, NQAPIA will hold its triennial Leadership Summit, and on Saturday, August 13th, we will hold a Community Catalyst Awards Fundraiser Banquet. This year’s event will highlight something new and exciting.

Help Us Celebrate YOU!

NQAPIA staff pictured at the 2016 NYC Community Catalyst Awards

At the Leadership Summit, instead of only recognizing recognizing well-known or famous individuals, we want to recognize our federation members through several Member of the Year awards!

Our Member of the Year awards will highlight the work you have done in six different areas:

  1. Membership Retention and/or Growth
  2. LGBTQ Visibility
  3. Community Education
  4. NQAPIA Partnership
  5. Community Building
  6. Advocacy

Nominate an organization for any and all categories. NQAPIA federation members are organizations who are explicitly missioned as LGBTQ AAPI organizations.

Self-nominations are encouraged.

We also would like to recognize our Board Members by selecting an NQAPIA Board MVP. Help us recognize their impact on the LGBTQ AAPI community! bit.ly/cca_nominations

Applications are due by Sunday, August 7th by 11:59 p.m. ET.

Purchase a ticket for the Community Catalyst Awards Fundraiser Banquet in Louisiana.