Let’s Get Engaged! Political and Civic Engagment for AAPI LGBT Communities

Join us for this opportunity to re-connect after the NQAPIA Conference and before the 2012 Presidential Election Season hits full stride. Learn more about what other communities are doing and how we can all get more engaged and more involved!

NQAPIA Quarterly Briefing:  Let’s Get Engaged!  Political and Civic Engagement for AAPI LGBT Communities

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

  • 6pm Eastern
  • 5pm Central
  • 4pm Mountain
  • 3pm Pacific
  • 1pm Hawai’i

Dial 712-432-3900 (access: 9156628#) to join the call.

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Welcome/ Introductions
  2. Local Updates:  Sharing Information about Local Activities
  3. NQAPIA Updates:  What’s Happening at NQAPIA HQ
  4. Issue Updates:  Catch the 411 on the Policies of Concern in Our Communities
  5. Next Briefing

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