Homophobic Queens Candidate SJ Jung

LGBTQ Korean American Groups and Allies Condemn S.J. Jung’s Remarks on LGBTQ Communities

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LGBTQ Korean American Groups and Allies Condemn S.J. Jung’s Remarks on LGBTQ Communities

Following the New York Daily News’ report of homophobic remarks made by S.J. Jung, a candidate for the New York State Senate and Korean American community leader, LGBTQ Korean American organizations, joined by allied Korean American and LGBTQ Asian American & Pacific Islander organizations, have issued the following statement:

“S.J. Jung’s backwards remarks about LGBTQ people are out of sync with a place as diverse as Queens, which has a vibrant LGBTQ immigrant community. As LGBTQ Korean Americans, their family members and their allies, we are deeply disappointed to see a man who has done such important work in Korean American communities express such bigotry around LGBTQ communities, marriage and public education. His harmful wish to literally erase LGBTQ people from school text books ignores the existence of people like us and our families, who live every day at the intersection of LGBTQ and Korean identities.

“When community leaders like Jung make homophobic and transphobic remarks, it is absolutely devastating to young people in their communities who are struggling to come out. As a community leader, Jung has a moral responsibility to be a voice for these LGBTQ young people–not a megaphone for outdated bigotry.

“We urge Jung to think long and hard about the damaging impact of his words, reevaluate the positions he has taken, and meet with the organizations that have signed onto this statement.”

Organizations that have signed this statement are listed below:

  • Dari Project
  • Korean Americans United for Equality (KUE)
  • Korean American Rainbow Parents (KARP)
  • Korean Americans for Political Advancement (KAPA)
  • Asian Pacific Islander Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC
  • National Queer Asian American and Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA)
  • Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York (GAPIMNY)
  • Q-WAVE
  • Asian Pride Project

This statement and correspondence is for educational purposes only and is strictly nonpartisan. It should in no way be construed to oppose or support any candidate for elected office.