Job Opportunity: Organizing Fellow



Do you want to build a world where all queer and trans people can live into our full, complicated, and beautiful truths? Are you excited to organize against racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia in Trump’s America? Do you dream of building power with LGBTQ API communities?

Then, come and organize with NQAPIA! We are hiring a part-time Organizing Fellow at 10-15 hours/week. The position is for 1 year, with the possibility of extension contingent on performance and funding.

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities in 2018

Organize and facilitate National QTAPI Movement Convergences
From February-June, NQAPIA is working with our local member organizations to host “movement convergences” to identify community needs, support local political education and leadership development, shape our work and campaigns for the next few years, and support people to come to our national conference in July!

  • Support Organizing Director (OD) and Racial Justice & Immigrant Rights (RJIR) Working Group to identify key local partners to host “movement convergences” across the country
  • Coordinate planning phone calls and logistics with local host organization
  • With OD, develop and run curriculum at QTAPI Movement Convergences
  • With OD and RJIR Working Group, develop a follow-up plan to engage Convergence attendees in local and national work

Chair NQAPIA’s Racial Justice & Immigrant Rights Working Group
NQAPIA has three active working groups: Racial Justice & Immigrant Rights, Trans Justice, and Youth. Since much of the work for this position came out of the RJIR Working Group, the Organizing Fellow will chair this working group.

  • Organize monthly calls with a co-chair and working group members
  • Identify new members to join the RJIR Working Group
  • Work with members of the RJIR Working Group to plan the following:

Organize a QTAPI / QTPOC Racial Justice Convening
In the fall, NQAPIA is planning a Racial Justice Convening. This will be shaped in part by the Convergences and the 2018 National Conference. The goal is to strategize in-person with other QTPOC organizations.

  • Work with key member and partner organizations to identify goals and intended outcomes from the convening, with support of OD and RJIR Working Group
  • Work with OD and RJIR Working Group to identify key players in racial justice movements in QTAPI and QTPOC communities; send invitations and follow up
  • Develop a grassroots fundraising plan to raise money for the Convening
  • Bottom-line logistics for the Convening, including budget, location/housing, food, and travel

Coordinate a National Action on 9/11 in 2018
NQAPIA has been asked by our Racial Justice & Immigrant Rights Working Group to continue holding space and building power on 9/11, with queer and trans Muslims in the lead.

  • Building on work in 2016 and 2017, create the framework for a National Day of Action on or around 9/11 with RJIR Working Group
  • Identify goals, intended outcomes, and strategy behind continued actions on 9/11
  • Coordinate action plan, messaging, and logistics across actions in at least 4 cities

Ongoing administrative and logistical support for the Organizing Team as needed.

Required Skills

  • Relationship-building: able to build strong relationships across the US & motivate people into action
  • Vision: able to support a group to vision a campaign/action
  • Organizing: able develop strategy, build power, and plan direct actions
  • Detail-oriented: able to handle logistics, details, and follow-through
  • Self-starter: able to jump in and start right away and to work remotely
  • Ownership: able to own a project from start to finish
  • Facilitation: able to facilitate an organizing/planning meeting
  • Flexibility: able to work evenings and weekends and to travel (all travel will be covered)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous campaign or organizing or direct action experience around queerphobia, xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia, and/or their intersections
  • Current or previous experience with NQAPIA and/or one of NQAPIA’s LGBTQ API organizations
  • Current or previous experience with a QTPOC organization
  • Strong writing skills
  • Press/media experience


This position has a fixed stipend of $12,000 for 1 year, paid in $1,000 increments monthly, with additional compensation paid out during higher volume months.

Application & Start Date

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@nqapia.org. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with a January start date.