Health and Healing Justice

It’s clear that our community needs better access to affirming health care and to heal from our experienced trauma. Whether it be lack of access to HIV prevention and testing services or the startlingly high rates of depression and suicidality in our communities, people in our community are disproportionately hurting. NQAPIA is intervening at both a structural level and community level to provide the resources needed. We have formed a health and healing justice working group with members from around the country to lead this work. We aim to improve the structural support for QTAPI folks seeking health care as well as provide support on the community level for healing. In partnership with AARP, our structural interventions include lobbying to Congress, healthcare discrimination story collection and story telling, and distribution of culturally competent trans affirming one-pages for medical providers. Our community interventions include training resources for support group facilitators, art & healing workshops, and self care packets. We aim to ensure our community can both survive and thrive.

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