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Asian Clergy & Religious Leaders Respond to “Fairness for All Americans” Act

The love of God, Shiva, Allah, and the Buddha has no exceptions. Anti-discrimination laws should not either NQAPIA MEDIA RELEASEFor Immediate Release: December 9, 2019For More Information: Roberta Sklar 917-704-6358, On Friday, December 6, Republican lawmakers introduced the ‘Fairness for All Americans’ Act into Congress.  Glenn D. Magpantay, Executive Director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance […]

Family is Still Family - Hindi
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Family is Still Family: Public Service Announcements

In the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community, young people often see coming out as an act of shaming and dishonoring their parents and their ancestors, but staying in the closet takes a greater toll, causing isolation, depression, and even suicide. Our “Family Is Still Family” television PSA Campaign—the first-ever multi-lingual public service announcements created […]

Farsi Leaflet: Family is Still Family
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Farsi: خانواده هنوز هم همان خانواده است. . . . و محبت هم همان محبت. . . .

خانواده هنوز هم همان خانواده است. . . . و محبت هم همان محبت. . . . بسیاری از والدین و خانواده‌ها عزیزی دارند که همجنس‌باز (زن یا مرد)، دوجنسه یا تراجنسیتی (LGBT) یافته است.وقتی این مسئله در رابطه با شخصی از نزدیکان برملا می‌شود، طبیعی است اعضای خانواده خود را با سوالات متعدد مواجه […]