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Find a full conference schedule with locations here: 2018 Workshop Schedule

Find a list of the 2018 conference workshops here: NQAPIA Sessions – Workshops

Find a list of the 2018 conference caucuses here: NQAPIA Sessions – Caucuses

As always, registration for the conference is at

You can also find the workshop schedule in grid and table format below.
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Finally, you can download the conference schedule app Whova here.

Community Catalyst Awards

NQAPIA’s National LGBTQ API Conference will feature the Community Catalyst Awards Gala where we will recognize organizations and individuals who have made significant impact to improve the lives and advance for the interests of the LGBTQ API community, enhanced their organizations’ infrastructure and programs, or demonstrated exemplary partnership with NQAPIA.

We invite you to nominate yourself, your organization, or another for one of these prestigious nationally acclaimed awards. Top nominees will be announced and the award will be presented at the National Community Catalyst Awards Ceremony in San Francisco, Saturday July 29, 2018.  The awardee or a representative of the recipient must be present to accept the award. No awards in abstentia allowed.

List of awards and award categories are below, and the nomination form is here.

NQAPIA Board & Staff at the 2016 Community Catalyst Awards in New Orleans

MEMBER GROUP AWARDS – 4 categories

Only LGBT API organizations may be nominated for these awards.

LGBTQ Visibility Award
This award is given to the member group that has demonstrated the strongest visibility efforts of the LGBTQ API community.

Community Education Award
This award recognizes the member group that has actively engaged and educated its community members around issues that directly impact the LGBTQ API community

Community Building and Programs Award
This award highlights the member group with the most dynamic programs that have bult community for LGBTQ APIs.

Advocacy Award
This award highlights the member group that has participated in significant grassroots and public policy advocacy activities and programs, and encouraged their base to take action.


Any organization may be nominated for these awards.

Most Impactful “9/11” Action Award
This award highlights the organization that coordinated the most awesome action during NQAPIA’s 9/11 action.

The Family Acceptance Award
This award highlights an organization that has prompted family acceptance and supported parents of LGBT kids

Most Ground-Breaking Convergence Award
This award goes to the member group that coordinated the most meaningful Convergence.

The Anti-Viral Award (The Fight HIV/AIDS Award)
This award goes to the member group that has done the most impactful work to fight the spread of AIDS/HIV in the API community by promoting testing and treatment, or publicity for National API HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.


Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Award
This award recognizes a company that has excelled in promoting diversity and inclusion of both LGBTQ and API people, through an equity lens and corporate social responsibility.

The Legal Eagle Award
This award recognizes a law firm who has dedicated considerable pro bono hours to defending and prompting the legal rights of LGBTQ APIs.

CONFERENCE AWARDS – 2 categories

Growing Home (The Revolutionary Award)
This award uplifts an individual or organization that pushes the envelope towards LGBTQ API liberation. Their actions and politics will significantly pave the way towards a radically inclusive world where people from all race, gender, sexuality, ability, status, and class can be their full authentic selves.

Best Fundraiser to Get to the Conference Award
This award goes to the member group that hosted the most creative fundraiser for their members to get to the conference (not necessarily who raised the most money).

Biggest Turnout (The “Size Queen” Award)
This award goes to the organization (not necessarily a member group) that brought the most members to the conference.  No nominees accepted.  Based on registration.

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS – 3 categories

Longevity Award
This award recognized a person in the Bay Area who has consistently and tirelessly fought for the API LGBTQ community (15 year minimum)

This person must reside in the Bay Area.

NQAPIA Board MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award
This award highlights a board member who has contributed the most to NQAPIA’s vision, capacity, fundraising, governance, and long-term planning over the last year.

This person must be a current member of the NQAPIA Board of Directors.

Conference Planning Committee MVP Award
This award highlights the conference planning committee member who has contributed the most to ensuring a successful, inclusive, and powerful national conference.

This person must be a current member of the Conference Planning Committee.



  • Self nomination are allowed and encouraged (do not be shy in claiming our victories and successes)
  • Each entry allows only one nomination for one award.  You may nominate multiple people or multiple organizations for the same award or for different awards BUT each nominee-award must be entered separately as a new entry.  (use cut & paste)
  • Provide your name and email as the Nominator
  • Provide the nominees’ name, email, city/state.  Add contact name if organization.
  • Describe why the person or organization is deserving of the award. 3-5 paragraphs max.
  • All nominations due June 22.
  • Nominees will be notified that they have been nominated for the award by June 29
  • Award presented on July 28 at NQAPIA’s National Community Catalyst Awards Ceremony in San Francisco.

Nominations form here:

2018 National Conference Sponsors

As of June 25, 2018

Bohnett Foundation
Marguerite Casey Foundation

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
Comcast / NBC Universal
Masto Foundation
The California Endowment

Aratani Foundation
Caesars’ Entertainment
GSA Network
Grindr for Equality
Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
Kiran Bavikatte Foundation
National API LGBT Giving Circle
National Education Association (NEA)
Office of Minority Health Resource Center / DHHS
Planned Parenthood Federation of American
Rosenberg Foundation
Security and Rights Collaborative at the Proteus Fund

A Parent Who Loves their LGBTQ Kid
Advocates for Youth
API Dream Team
GAPA Foundation
General Electric (GE)
National Center for Lesbian Rights
Weston Miliken

Atlanta Pride
Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community (APIQWTC)
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA)
Kaiser Permanente
Horizons Foundation
National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC)
Horizons Foundation
National LGBTQ Task Force

Conference Event Sponsors
API PFLAG SGV co-sponsor of the Faith Convening
Kaiser Permanente for mental health workshop
San Francisco AIDS Foundation for Opening Reception and STD/HIV/AIDS Testing
Tides Foundation for the Funder Briefing
Red Envelope Giving Circle as a workshop sponsor for “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! Expanding Our Families With Babies and More”
AAPIP San Francisco and Silicon Valley Chapter for the Funder Briefing
Marguerite Casey Foundation for Funder briefing
Red Envelope Giving Circle as a workshop sponsor for “Giving Circles: Mobilizing Money for Our Communities”
Kriya and Nina Chantalat Giving Fund as a workshop sponsor for “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! Expanding Our Families With Babies and More”

NQAPIA Supporters
Alphawood Foundation
Arcus Foundation
Aratani Foundation
Borealis Philanthropies: Impact Litigation Fund
CJ Huang Foundation
Common Counsel Foundation
Dinner Guys Giving Circle
Liberty Hill Foundation – Rapid Response Fund
New York Community Trust
OCA Greater Houston Chapter
Office of Minority Health Resource Center / DHHS
Open Society Foundations
Project by Project
Unbound Philanthropy
Wild Geese Foundation
Walter and Evelyn Haas, Jr. Fund
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

Glenn Magpantay
Tides Foundation


$500 Matching Grants for the 2018 National Conference

$500 Matching Grant for Local Fundraising to Attend the National Conference

Request for Proposals (RFP)

The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) is a federation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander (API) organizations. We seek to build the organizational capacity of local LGBT API groups, develop leadership, promote visibility, educate our community, enhance grassroots organizing, expand collaborations, and challenge anti-LGBTQ bias and racism.

Matching Grants

NQAPIA is offering thirty (30) $500 “challenge grants” to LGBTQ API groups who conduct fundraising events to support their members to attend the NQAPIA National Conference in San Francisco from July 26-29, 2018. Up to $15,000 will be awarded to local groups in total.

The fundraising events can be of any kind or variety. NQAPIA will match the first $500 raised. For example, donors who give $5 will have their donations doubled to $10. The matching grant may also go towards covering event costs (e.g., food, space rental, performer stipends) but payment will not be made until after the event. Events must occur between January and June 20, 2018.

Groups do not need to be incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, but they should have a bank account in the organization’s name. NQAPIA can provide additional support such as 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship to allow for tax-deductible donations, fundraising training, or coaching. This effort is made possible with the generous support of the Wallace E. Coulter Foundation.

Conference Costs

Over 400 LGBTQ Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders are expected to attend NQAPIA’s triennial conference. Funds raised and matched must go towards costs associated with attending the National Conference. Below are the typical expected costs:

  • Housing: $169/night/room plus tax at Hilton San Francisco Financial District
  • Registration Fees: $300 Regular Rate/ $250 NQAPIA Member Group / $150 Limited income and Student Rate
  • Flights: $150 from the West Coast, $300 from Midwest, $600 from the East Coast/South
  • Ground Transportation: $30 via public transportation
  • Meals: $0 – meals are provided at the conference

Learn more about the National Conference at


In order to apply, organizations must provide the following information at

  1. Organization name and website
  2. Contact name, email, phone
  3. Proposed date and location of the event (can be approximate but must occur before June 20, 2018)
  4. Type of event (e.g., dance, brunch, dinner, party, auction)
  5. Estimated attendance projected
  6. Goal amount to be raised ($)
  7. Name and address for where to send the check (may be a fiscal sponsor)
  8. EIN or Federal Tax ID number (if organization has one but not required)

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

All NQAPIA member groups are encouraged to apply. Member groups are organizations that are missioned as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander (API) organizations.

Preference will be given to smaller organizations, traditionally underrepresented or under resourced groups, and past partnership and work with NQAPIA.

Non-NQAPIA member groups (e.g., allies, student groups, groups predominantly LGBTQ API) may apply after the deadline of March 23, 2018 and will be awarded pending the availability of funds.

Grant Awards

A post event report is required including the same information in the application but with actual numbers (e.g., amount actually raised, number of actual attendees, final venue, actual date, specific type of event). From those who have an EIN or Federal Tax ID number, we also need a completed IRS W9 form. Other items requested but not required are:

  • Supporting materials (a picture, flyer, screenshot of Facebook event post)
  • Evaluation (a short one paragraph description of how the event went overall, what went well, what could be improved, and any lessons learned)
  • Financial report

Application and Deadlines

Applications due by March 23, 2018 at

Additional applications will be accepted after the date on a rolling basis pending the availability of funds.

For more information, contact Tia Adams at or 224-280-2236.


Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor Benefits

NQAPIA will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive benefits package tailored to meet your company’s investment objectives. Packages can entail programming, marketing, talent development, volunteerism, and corporate social responsibility philanthropy.

Local, National, and International Visibility

Corporate Partners gain marketing exposure to a local, national, and international community through recognition listings and donor spotlights in program books, printed materials, social media, and the NQAPIA website.

The NQAPIA conference offers a unique opportunity for visibility among the leading LGBTQ and API community leaders and professionals, as well as national figures, elected officials, policy makers and advocates.

Companies can present their programs through an open call for workshops or participation in other panels.

Corporate Diversity Support

NQAPIA works directly with Diversity & Inclusion staff and Employee Resource Groups and Business Resource Groups (ERGs/BRGs) to design particular corporate partnership for the conference.

ERG/BRG attendees can learn about innovative intra-company cross ERG collaborations that promote greater LGBTQ allyship among co-workers and more cultural receptivity among LGBT ERG groups. NQAPIA can assist Human Resources departments in career advancement, talent pool development, and diverse recruiting initiatives.

Employee Perks

Employees of Corporate Sponsors receive complementary conference registration.  NQAPIA Corporate Partnerships also demonstrate a company’s commitment to diversity, which promotes morale among company employees who are not only LGBTQ or API, but for the entire workforce.

Community Benefits

Become part of NQAPIA’s critical policy, advocacy and educational initiatives to address homophobia and racial intolerance.

NQAPIA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit so all sponsorships and contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

EIN Number 27-2114866

Return on Investment: The Power of Buying

An unparalleled brand loyalty is a compelling reason for any company to partner with an LGBTQ organization.

Gay men and lesbians report that a brand’s sponsorship of LGBT events favorably influences their buying decisions1
$835 billion
Buying power of LGBTQ consumers2
$775.1 billion
Buying power of Asian Americans in 20153
Increase in buying power of Asian Americans from 2010 to 2015. Highest of all race/ethnic groups4

1 Community Marketing, Inc., 2007.

2 The Gay and Lesbian Market in the US by Witeck-Combs Communications Inc., in Packaged Facts 2007.

3 The Multicultural Economy 2010 by the Selig Center for Economic Growth in Packaged Facts.

4 InterTrend Communication’s Knowledge Center 2007, TVB Media Marketing.

Marketing Potential

APIs are the fastest growing minority group in the nation and are an emerging sector of the LGBT community. Partnering with NQAPIA’s conference provides visibility in this expanding segment and reinforces your company’s commitment to both diversity and inclusion.

Partnerships demonstrate your care for your local communities, can achieve segment marketing goals, increase your talent pool, and promote career and personal development.

Estimated conference attendance

33% from San Francisco Bay Area

20% from West Coast

25% from East Coast



Past conference attendance

· 347 in Chicago IL in 2015         · 302 in Washington, DC in 2012

· 264 in Seattle, WA in 2009        · 388 in New York, NY in 2004

18 Million
Asian American population in the US
Asian American population growth
Local LGBTQ API groups in the NQAPIA Federation
States and Territories
NQAPIA’s Direct Reach to LGBTQ APIs and Allies
Reach of all NQAPIA’s LGBTQ API Groups via Email
Reach of all NQAPIA’s LGBTQ API Groups via Facebook

Sponsorships, Exhibiting, and Ads

To learn the details of our sponsorships, exhibiting, and ads, visit our Levels page.

To become a sponsor, exhibitor, or advertiser, complete this NQAPIA Conference Sponsor Prospectus Form.

Workshops & Tracks

Find a list of all the 2018 conference workshops here: NQAPIA Sessions – Workshops

Find a list of all the 2018 conference caucuses here: NQAPIA Sessions – Caucuses

As always, registration for the conference is at

Conference Workshop Tracks or Programming Clusters

100 workshops on the following areas, among others:

  • Leadership development
  • Advocacy and organizing skills
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Social justice issues – race, gender, immigrants rights, etc.
  • Philanthropy – fundraising and resourcing
  • Sex and sexuality
  • Faith
  • Gender justice
  • Racial justice
  • Youth
  • International
  • Professional Development / Corporate Advancement
  • Health and Wellness
  • Arts & Culture

Special Pre-Conference Convenings and Workshop Tracks

  • Leaders of LGBT API organizations (NQAPIA Member Groups)
  • Philanthropy – LGBT API Donors and Funders
  • Religious Leaders – Ministers, Pastors, and Clergy
  • Youth
  • International – from Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam Sri Lanka, India
  • LGBT API Professionals and Corporate Leaders
  • South Asian planning for DesiQ

Plenary Topics

Friday Lunch Plenary – Intersectionality: Being All of Who We Are

  • Safety and Security
  • Family Acceptance
  • Affirming Faith
  • Career Advancement
  • Safe Space and Community (organizations)
  • Trans Inclusion

Saturday Breakfast Plenary – Asserting Our Agenda: Advocacy and Organizing

  • Racial Justice
  • Immigrants’ Rights
  • Trans and Gender Justice
  • Heath
  • International

Sunday Brunch Plenary – Where Do We Go From Here

  • Future Program Planning
  • Establish Working Groups and Follow Up Plans
  • Taking the Conference Home

Submit a Workshop

Workshop submissions for NQAPIA’s National Conference are now closed, but if you have been invited to submit a  proposal, please follow

  • Title
  • Session Description (for publication)
  • Session Type
  • Track Classification
  • Abstract (to evaluate your proposal)
  • Session Outline (describes the flow of your session)
  • Materials Needed
  • Contact Information

About the Conference

Every three (3) years, NQAPIA coordinates a National Conference to bring together LGBTQ APIs from across the nation where they can be all of who they are to be affirmed, learn, and grow. We seek to build a world where every LGBTQ API person can live their lives authentically in their homes, families, places of workshop, jobs, professions, schools and communities.

Pro-Dream Act Protesters

Conference Objectives

The conference goals are to network, organize, train, educate, and build capacity of the nation’s LGBTQ API community.

Networking: The conference will bring together several constituencies of the LGBTQ API community—local community leaders, grassroots activists, youth, professionals, parents, health advocates, organizational heads, international activists, funders, and donors—to exchange ideas and strategies. Networking inspires new solutions and rejuvenates existing ones. We hope to solidify current relationships and make new connections at local, regional, national, and transnational levels.

Education: The conference seeks to increase awareness on current issues confronting LGBTQ APIs. Mainstream API civil rights and immigrants’ rights issues require a queer analysis. At the same time, LGBTQ rights require an approach that considers race, ethnicity, and immigration. We will review a range of topics including immigration reform, family acceptance, racial justice, trans justice, and international solidarity.

Organizing: Conference organizers hope the conference will help identify and build a political agenda for LGBTQ APIs, brainstorm ideas for political action, and map out existing resources in the community. This must be founded upon intersections of different forms of oppressions and multi-issue organizing. This includes workshops on Trans Justice, Challenging Anti-Blackness, Solidarity Organizing, and Direct Action skills building.

Building Capacity: We hope to give leaders and members of LGBTQ API organizations tools to better achieve their goals and overcome challenges. This includes workshops on leadership, building a team, board development, communications and media, grant writing, engaging volunteers/members, and grassroots fundraising.

Inclusion: Conference planners are taking affirmative steps to meaningfully involve those who have been traditionally underrepresented—including women, people of transgender experience, young people, Pacific Islanders, and activists outside of the Coasts—to ensure that the conference is pan-Asian. Organizers will target outreach, and we hope to provide travel scholarships to ensure inclusion.

Overall, we hope to build community and advance an agenda that will bring all LGBTQ racial and ethnic minority groups into the full fold of society, the LGBTQ movement, and the API community.

Decision Making and Planning

We hope to be transparent and inclusive in planning the national conference. The majority of the work and decision-making will be centered in our Conference Planning Committee made up of both local and national representatives. Anyone can join either of the committees. The Local Planning Committee will coordinate logistics, off-site venues, community housing, local recruitment, performances, social activities, accessibility, and local fundraising. The National Planning Committee will coordinate programming—including workshops, speakers, national fundraising, and national recruitment. Each Committee will inform the other and will be supported by NQAPIA staff.

Location & Accommodations

Hilton San Francisco Financial District“UPDATE. Conference overflow hotels have been set up.  Contact Vinnu Khudva, Conference Manager, at, to make a reservation.  Provide name of guest, single or double, dates or arrival/departure.”

All conference workshops will be held at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District, and a block of rooms have been reserved at the conference hotel.

Hilton San Francisco Financial District
750 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94108

A special, discounted conference rate of  $169 per night per room plus tax is available. You must book your discounted hotel room by July 1, 2018 with the reservation code “NQAPIA” and hotel code “SFOFD.”

Book your discounted hotel room today!