Watch videos about NQAPIA’s work ranging from past conferences and events, immigration stories, family acceptance, and more.


Faith & Religious Acceptance

In 2018, NQAPIA held their triennial national conference in San Francisco, CA. One of the focuses of the conference and its respective workshops included faith and religious acceptance.


Learn about a trans man from Hong Kong who has been detained in solitary confinement by ICE for 15 months. 

Free Trans Detainees in Solitary Confinement Now Action

On March 11, NQAPIA, in collaboration with SONG and BLMP, held a demonstration in front of the ICE Regional Field Office in Atlanta. We demand that ICE end its policy of release transgender detainees from solitary confinement.

Mobilizing in Atlanta to #Free Trans Detainees in Solitary Confinement

NQAPIA Protest the Anti-Immigrant RAISE ACT

This bill defies American values, attacks families, and will harm our economy. Immigrants depend on their families for support, whether through providing childcare or working at a family-owned business. Families are fundamental to local and national communities. America’s strength is founded on the diversity of our nation, and we must continue to uphold this core value.

NQAPIA and Health Care Discrimination

Americans depend on their prescriptions — but from cancer treatments to EpiPens, drug companies’ skyrocketing prices are pushing life-saving treatments out of reach for those who need them. We pay among the highest prescription drug prices in the world so drug companies can make billions.  No one should have to choose between buying medicine or buying food for our families. That’s not just wrong — it’s shameful.

It’s time for Congress to take action to protect seniors and all taxpayers from price gouging by drug companies. Tell your legislators to support common sense solutions to lower prescription drug prices today!

High Cost of Rx Drugs: Hiv Medication
Hidden Costs that Affect Our Community
Scott’s Thoughts on the Cost of Rx Drugs for Mental Health
Malaya’s Story on the High Cost of Prescription Medication