About the Census

We recognize that the Census and data collected is inherently unrepresentative of the multiplicity of our identities. Although, it can feel reductive and often dehumanizing, it is necessary because of the very real implications towards how the government will allocate resources. For example, for every person in the District of Columbia who does not fill out the census, the community loses out on $4,000 of federal funding. The Census holds a lasting impact; its results have a lasting impact and are used for ten years. 

NQAPIA will be adopting a harm reduction model in our Census work to best support our communities. While we are encouraging our folks to fill it out, we are also filing an official complaint letter against the Census bureau and gathering feedback from trans and gender nonconforming individuals. We ask that you stand alongside us. We ask that while you do not need to fully support it, you need to fill it out. 

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