A Letter from API Parents who Love Our LGBTQ+ Children

We are Asian and South Asian parents who love our LGBTQ+ children and we are very excited to be part of Growing Home, NQAPIA’s 2018 National Conference, in San Francisco this July 26-29. We would love for you to join us there. Register HERE.

If you are an API LGBTQ+ person, please consider inviting your parents or other family members to come along! Just like past conferences, it will be an unforgettable experience of connection, unconditional love, and learning.

As parents, we know that many LGBTQ+ people struggle with how and when to come out or disclose their identities to their families. Relationships with families can be complex and challenging. If this is your experience, attend one of our workshops. If your family is supportive of you, please invite them to attend. Many families find it exciting and empowering to connect with API LGBTQ+ community members and with other families. It can also be a place to address questions and concerns they may have.

We will provide spaces for intergenerational dialogue, and for parents/caregivers of LGBTQ+ children to come together. These will include:

  • workshops on family acceptance
  • networking caucus for parent/caregivers of LGBTQ+ children
  • creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people and their parents and family.

We are also excited to help welcome visitors from six different Asian countries, including a parent from Japan!

We hope that you will join us at the conference! We’d love to meet you and give you a hug!

You are beautiful,
Marsha Aizumi
Rosetta Lai
Laurin Mayeno
Karen Murakami
Aruna Rao
Aya Yabe
Clara Yoon

Family is Still Family