2019 summit details

NQAPIA National Leadership Summit

Las Vegas – August 22 to 25, 2019



No Registration Fee in Lieu of Agreement

There is no registration fee provided that the attendees agree to (1) serve as a liaison to NQAPIA for their group; (2) work with NQAPIA on various, mutually agreed upon projects (to be determined collectively at the Summit); and (3) are first-time participants to an NQAPIA Summit.

NQAPIA will cover all expenses for trainers, training materials, meeting space, and meals (except Saturday banquet dinner), and all ground transportation in Las Vegas for two representatives from your organization.

Please be advised that the Summit is a working weekend made possible through specific grants and underwriting sponsors to help build a national federation of LGBT API groups to work collectively on joint programs and to deploy the power of the LGBT API community.

Tiered Support Depending on Engagement

In accordance with NQAPIA’s new strategic plan and aims for our work with local LGBT API groups to be more mutually beneficial and less transactional and more transformative, the level of housing and travel support will be tiered based on the level of engagement and past work with NQAPIA.

All LGBT API organizations are welcome to attend the Summit for free but housing and travel support will vary.   Past engagement is measured through the following:

  • communication with NQAPIA staff
  • responsiveness to outreach emails
  • educational social media postings (e.g., health care, ACA enrollment, family or faith acceptance)
  • advocacy and signing onto sign-on letters or amicus briefs
  • endorsing legislation  for LGBT and/or immigrants rights
  • co-hosting an event such as a family or faith acceptance workshop, career development panel,  Community Catalyst Awards Dinner, fundraising house party,
  • coordinating a local action to support and #FreeChin or 9/11
  • other program development

Contact Khudai Tanveer, Member Organizer at khudai@nqapia.org to determine your last level of support.  If you have questions about this new policy, contact Glenn D. Magpantay, Executive Director at glenn_magpantay@nqapia.org.

Diversity and Additional Representatives

Groups may not bring additional representatives unless invited. NQAPIA will take steps to ensure inclusion of traditionally underrepresented constituencies based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, and age. NQAPIA’s Board Members will also be in attendance.

Housing Accommodations

All attendees will be staying at the Hampton Inn Tropicana Las Vegas, 4975 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118. https://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/nevada/hampton-inn-tropicana-LASINHX/index.html?SEO_id=GMB-HP-LASINHX

For groups with high engagement and past work with NQAPIA, we will provide hotel accommodations for three (3) nights for two (2) official representatives per LGBT API organization. Check-in on Thursday, August 22 and check-out on Sunday, August 25.  Rooms have two double beds.

For organizations with minimal engagement, we will offer housing for only 1 attendee who will share a room with a representative from another organization. Rooms have two double beds.


Extended Stay

Attendees are welcome to extend their stay in Las Vegas (at their own expense) and take advantage of all the attractions that this exciting city has to offer.  NQAPIA’s discounted hotel rate (of $109 per night) will be extended for those who would like to arrive early or stay longer. NQAPIA will make the reservation but you are responsible for all charges.


Additional Expenses & Cancellations

Since housing, meals, and ground transportation will be pre-arranged and pre-paid, NQAPIA will not make additional reimbursements to individuals except for their flights. After registration, if any cancellations must be made, we ask the groups to replace the representative or refund the expenses paid (approximately $940.60 per person).


Flight Travel

For groups with high engagement and past work with NQAPIA, we will help to offset the cost of flights into Las Vegas McCarran Airport (LAS) according to the following schedule.  We anticipate these amounts will cover most of the cost of the flights

  • West Coast $150
  • Midwest $250
  • East Coast $350

For groups in cities that hosted an NQAPIA Community Catalyst Awards Fundraising Dinner (NY, DC, Chicago), NQAPIA will cover the entire cost of the airfare.

NQAPIA will provide a cash subsidy through reimbursement. Checks will be disbursed on the last day of the Summit.  Attendees should book their own flights and submit receipts.

Organizations with minimal engagement are welcome to attend the Summit for free but will not be offered travel support.


Arrival and Departure

All participants must arrive by 5 p.m. on Thursday, August 22.

If you are attending one of the a Pre-Summit Planning Meeting, we ask that you arrive by 12N.  The program ends at 12Noon on Sunday, August 25.


Ground Transportation

The Hampton Inn Tropicana will provide complementary airport pick ups on Thursday and drop offs on Sunday.  NQAPIA will provide transportation to all evening off-site events.

NQAPIA will not cover ground transportation to / from the airport in travelers’ home cities.



NQAPIA will provide all meals in Las Vegas including Thursday night reception; Friday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Saturday breakfast and lunch; and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

On Saturday night, we will host our annual Member Catalyst Awards Banquet and we ask attendees to cover their cost of the meal, $50.  However, if this is a hardship, NQAPIA will provide assistance.

Accessibility and Dietary Restrictions  

Should you require any special access needs or have special dietary restrictions, please advise us of those needs at the time of registration.  NQAPIA will endeavor to accommodate all access needs and dietary restrictions. A full accessibility audit has been done for the spaces we’ll be in during the summit.

One note about scent free space, Las Vegas is a night life city and the Friday and Saturday dinners are located in Casinos where smoking is allowed inside the building.


Action for Legal Protections

NQAPIA’s foundation funders who are supporting the summit, want to see the collective power that LGBT APIs can deploy.  In past Summits, attendees has conducted canvassing, letter-writing, phone-banking, protest marches, and train-takeovers.  This year NQAPIA is lobbying for federal legislation to protect our communities. All attendees will participate in a collective phone-bank to urge people to support:

  • LGBT Equality Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender-identity in employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service.
  • Dream Act so immigrant youth can continue to live, work, and study in the United States without fear of deportation, after being brought here as children.
  • Reuniting Families Act to update and preserve the current family-based immigration system to keep families together and reduce family immigration visa backlogs.

Training and phone lists will be provided.  We ask everyone to predicate.

Post Summit Consulting and Coaching

Truly applying skills that attendees learn at the Summit requires follow-up. To further promote capacity building and leadership develop, NQAPIA’s staff and training faculty will offer groups one-on-one coaching both at and after the Summit. Member groups will be eligible to receive up to five (5) hours of free consulting and individualized coaching.  Sign up at the Summit.


NQAPIA acknowledges the generous support of the following sponsors who provided the financial backing of the 2019 Summit:

  • Arcus Foundation
  • David Bohnett Foundation
  • Comcast/NBC Universal
  • Verizon
  • ActBlue
  • AT&T
  • Caesars’ Entertainment – sponsor of the opening reception
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Attendees at the NQAPIA Community Catalyst Awards Dinners in New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. And attendees to the NQAPIA Fundraising House Parties in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Funding Transparency

To be as transparent as possible, funding for the Summit is provided by grants that are tied to specific deliverables and corporate and nonprofit sponsors who are underwriting expenses of the Summit.

  • 28% from Foundation Grants – requires workshops and action on immigrants’ rights
  • 37% from Corporate Sponsors
  • 26% from community fundraising drives (e.g., Catalyst Awards dinners, fundraising appeals)
  • 9% from Nonprofit Sponsors

NQAPIA has a strong values-based Corporate Fundraising Policy.  We never compromise our values or curtail our programs or advocacy agenda to secure funding.  But we do oblige when funders seek engagement opportunities with our members (name listing, program book ad, photo booth, workshop or speaking opportunity).  NQAPIA is grateful to our funders and sponsors for investing in the LGBT API community.

NQAPIA tried to raise as much money as we could but was unable to cover all expenses for the Summit, such as the Saturday night dinner.  So we are hoping attendees will be able to cove the cost of the meal at $50.


To Register:

There is a three (3) step registration process to be completed by June 30.

First complete the NQAPIA Member Group Profile (A Census of Our Own)

Then each attendee should complete the Attendee Registration

Finally, Make payment for Saturday night Member Awards Banquet Dinner $50

All links are forthcoming from Conor Huynh.  Because all meals and hotel accommodations are pre-paid, rooms and flights must be booked by July 5 (seven weeks in advance).  If you need help registering, contact Conor Huynh at conor@nqapia.org.