The Past Seven Days and What’s Next

The Past Seven Days and What’s Next Seven days ago, NQAPIA kicked off a whole week of whirlwind activity. A quick overview: Friday 3/21: I joined my NQAPIA Co-Director Glenn Magpantay and SALGA-NYC’s Karen Naimool to provide a training for the We Build Community cohort of South Asian Americans Leading Together. Because Nico Quintana from … Read more The Past Seven Days and What’s Next

Early Bird What Now?

New York National Community Catalyst Awards: March 29 Atlanta Regional Summit: April 4-6 EARLY BIRD DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MARCH 25!   If you’re following NQAPIA at all, you hopefully know we’ve got two major events coming up- our annual Community Catalyst Awards on March 29 in New York, and our 2014 Southern Regional Summit April … Read more Early Bird What Now?

Marching with a Sense of History

The first week of March represents a transition from February and Black History Month to March as Women’s History Month.  March 8, is recognized as International Women’s Day. If you haven’t seen Google’s video celebrating the day, it’s definitely a keeper. We’re proud that our friend Cecilia Chung and our fancrush Janet Mock are featured … Read more Marching with a Sense of History