2013 Hawai’i Summit

NQAPIA Leadership Summits


Save the Date for NQAPIA’s 2013 Annual Leadership Summit
A training and issue-briefing for leaders of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander organizations. .
July 25 – 28, 2012
Honolulu, HI

Since 2008, NQAPIA has hosted an annual Summit of all of the nation’s AAPI LGBT organizations that form its federation for:
1) a leadership skills building training;
2) briefing on current issues affecting LGBT AAPIs; and
3) coordination on national collaborative projects and campaigns.

The 2010 Summit included 60 leaders from 39 organizations. It was hosted by Chicago’s Center on Halsted, and featured a roundtable discussion with national LGBT people of color leaders from the International Federation of Black Prides and Unid@s: The National Latino/a Human Rights Organization. The 2010 Summit included 50 leaders from 37 organizations and was held at the Billy De Frank LGBT Center in San Jose.

At both Summits, the issue briefings focused on marriage equality and immigrants’ rights. One leader from Los Angeles commented that, “Many people in my organization, including myself, are not full-time activists. So one of the most valuable things that I am taking away was the plethora of information surrounding important issues” in the country.

These Summits have provided local AAPI LGBT organizations not only with resources to build their capacity and support their work locally, but expands the network of AAPI LGBT leaders and activists around the country to support each other.

“The Summit rocked my world! It was heartwarming and refreshing to meet so many inherently warm people; so deeply inspiring and energizing to find that they are also exceptionally motivated, outspoken, and passionate about their work. NQAPIA is responsible for the rebirth of my local chapter – it wouldn’t have been possible without them!”
Kathy Eow
Queer Asian Pacific Alliance, Boston, MA

“NQAPIA provided valuable skills-building sessions that I hope to be able to transfer to my members. A very common reason why members in our group don’t step up into leadership roles or even volunteer roles is due to the feeling that they lack ‘experience’ or ‘skills.’ I wish all my members could experience the training sessions offered at the summit because I know they would walk away feeling more confident about their own abilities…I know I am.”
Diane Kim
Korean United for Equality (KUE), Los Angeles, CA

“NQAPIA provided training sessions on working with the media, volunteer recruitment, leadership development, fundraising, and organizing in languages other than English. The Summit taught me some great fundraising techniques that are applicable in all-volunteer organizations like mine rather than the ones that I usually go to, which seem more geared to larger more established organizations.”
Priyanka Mitra
South Asian Lesbian & Gay Associations (SALGA), New York, NY

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