API Resistance Checkpoint

15 Years Later

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PC: API Resistance
Photo Credit: API Resistance

15 years later, Jeh Johnson continues to profile and terrorize our communities.
15 years later, the Department of Homeland Security is legally allowed to profile us at will.
15 years later, Muslim women are shot and killed while walking down the street.
15 years later, Black Muslims are killed by police, and their murder is ruled as justified.
15 years later, the FBI watchlist has too many names of Muslims, South Asians, people of color.
15 years later, the Patriot Act is still alive, though it hasn’t provided useful intel in a single case.
15 years later, informants are stealing our youth, charging them for crimes the FBI planned.
15 years later, we find our emails hacked, our phone lines tapped, our homes surveilled.
15 years later, we are guilty simply for existing.


15 years later, we turn the tables: show Americans how our communities are violated every day.
15 years later, we ask people in the nation’s capital to cross “checkpoints” we always navigate.
15 years later, we remember that victims of the “war on terror” were not just in the twin towers.
15 years later, we fight back, resist, refuse, just as we always have.

API Resistance Checkpoint
Photo Credit: API Resistance

#15YearsLater #RedefineSecurity #StopProfilingImmigrants

Find photos from our action on Facebook and across Twitter @nqapia.

News about this action was published on Rewire, Washington Blade (9/7 and 9/11), Washington Post (article and video).