DACA Legal Assistance

Although expanded DACA and DAPA are still wrapped up in the court system, you may apply for the original DACA. Legal groups across the nation may provide assistance for free or at a low cost. The specific groups listed here have not been vetted by NQAPIA to be queer friendly. Be sure to seek assistance from trusted clinics, and be aware of scams.


If you need help, fill out our DACA intake form, and NQAPIA will help match you with legal assistance.

City Search

Check out this list of legal groups. The list includes groups in the following cities:

Atlanta, GA • Boston, MA • Chicago, IL • Durham, NC • Houston, TX • Los Angeles, CA • Madison, WI • Minneapolis, MN • New Orleans, LA • New York, NY • Newark, NJ • Oakland, CA • Philadelphia, PA • Portland, OR • Providence, RI • San Diego, CA • San Francisco, CA • San Jose, CA • Seattle, WA • Washington, DC

National Search

If you need a wider search, you can search by state, county, and zip code on the following websites: