A Seat at the Immigration Table

As comprehensive immigration reform progresses through Congress, we grow closer to a historic moment with each passing day. NQAPIA is proud to be part of a weekly immigration table that connects the works of AAPI organizations across the nation to build AAPI solidarity around the issue. Everybody’s effort at this immigration table will greatly contribute towards the bill’s passage through Congress.

The objectives of the immigration table are to raise awareness among stakeholders of how Asian Americans are affected by various issues within immigration reform, including but not limited to, family reunification, enforcement, and worker rights. The immigration table will also influence media coverage of Asian Americans and immigration reform. In addition, members of the table will connect the national and field work to leverage key moments to uplift stories and voices from the field.

The Asian American immigration table seeks to support the ongoing work around immigration reform currently conducted by our sister organizations individually and collectively through the Immigration Working Group of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA). To that end, the Table could engage in a number of activities, with input from the Immigration Working Group.

These activities include providing subgrants to each of the eight organizations connected with the NCAPA Immigration Working Group to amplify their work on immigration reform (the four mentioned above, plus APALA, APIAHF, NAPAWF, and NQAPIA). The Table will also coordinate deeper communications goals, including media ad buys in targeted newspapers and expanding social media campaigns. Moreover, the Table will provide support to individual NCAPA Immigration Working Group members who are coordinating large-scale events, townhalls, and activities to support travel needs. In addition, the Table will connect the field to national work through weekly 30-minute briefings via webinar.

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