#QueerAzaadi: Virtual Support

Want to support this weekend of action for #QueerAzaadi, but can’t come to an event in person? We would love your support by amplifying our work through social media!

We’d love for trans and queer Muslims to take over social media on Sunday 9/10 at 5PT / 7CT / 8ET. Can you join us?

You can use the sample tweets and posts below. We’ll also have pictures from our actions in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston and Austin on our social media by then as well – we’d really appreciate a repost!

Sample Tweets:

  • Ava Le’Ray Barrin. Nabra Hassanen. Srinivas Kuchibhotla. Killed by Islamophobia transphobia anti-Blackness. We <3 you. #QueerAzaadi @NQAPIA
  • We celebrate ourselves on 9/11: our lives, stories & resistance as QTPOC in struggle towards #QueerAzaadi @NQAPIA
  • We cannot separate being harassed bc of gender identity from being harassed for the color of our skin. So we fight for #QueerAzaadi @NQAPIA
  • There is no Trans Liberation within Islamophobia–or vice versa. We fight for #QueerAzaadi #NoMuslimBanEver #BlackTransLivesMatter @NQAPIA
  • On 9/11, listen to Trans and Queer Muslim voices. #QueerAzaadi #RedefineSecurity #NoMuslimBanEver #BlackMuslimLivesMatter @NQAPIA
  • Islamophobia & anti-Blackness reinforce each other. Trust Black Muslim voices. #QueerAzaadi #BlackMuslimLivesMatter #NoMuslimBanEver @NQAPIA
  • We support Trans & Queer Muslims reclaiming & creating healing spaces on 9/11 #QueerAzaadi #NoMuslimBanEver #BlackMuslimLivesMatter @NQAPIA

Sample Fbook Posts:

  • We support the @National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and dozens of partner organizations in reclaiming 9/11 towards #QueerAzaadi / Queer Liberation. On this day, the intersections between Islamophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and anti-Blackness are even more clear. We join them to #RiseUpFightBack with trans and queer Muslims voices in the forefront!

    #QueerAzaadi #NoMuslimBanEver #BlackMuslimLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter

  • Ava Le’Ray Barrin, 17 years old.
    Nabra Hassanen, 17 years old.
    Jaquarrius Holland, 18 years old.
    Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32 years old.

    We honor and mourn the dead, and we fight like hell for the living.

    2017 has seen a rise in the murders of Black trans women, of Black people killed by police violence, of Muslims and those mistaken for Muslim killed in Islamophobic hate crimes. We join the @National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and dozens of partner organizations in a weekend of action, mourning and celebration on 9/11, towards #QueerAzaadi / Queer Liberation.

    #QueerAzaadi #NoMuslimBanEver #BlackMuslimLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter

  • 9/11 is certainly not the only moment that marks the policing, profiling and surveillance of our communities. Yet agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), policies such as the PATRIOT Act, and registries such as the National Security Entry – Exit Registration System (NSEERS) grew from the Islamophobia that followed that day. These policies are Islamophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-Black forms of state violence that have only multiplied in the last 16 years.

    So, on 9/11, we join @National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and dozens of partner organizations in refusing any more state-sponsored hate and surveillance. We fight instead for #QueerAzaadi / Queer Liberation

    #QueerAzaadi #NoMuslimBanEver #BlackMuslimLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter