API Healer Network and Therapy Resources List


This resource is: For anyone seeking mental, emotional, and/or spiritual support. Several of us offer sliding scale services because we want to make healing more widely available. Additionally, this resource is for healers and therapists of Asian and Pacific Islander descent to connect and be in community with one another.

How to use this resource: Click the tab called Healers and Therapists. You’ll see the healer and therapist offerings, website and the best way to contact them. Many of us practice traditions from our heritage that maybe are not well known to the general public. If you have questions about what these traditions are, click the next tab called Definitions.

How to get involved: To be added to the directory, please reach out to the NQAPIA Healing Justice Committee. A few questions the committee will ask are: What is cultural appropriation? What are boundaries? Who holds you accountable in your healing practice (i.e. mentors, elders, teachers)?

Healers and Therapists

Jamee Pineda

he, him, siya / Filipino / Washington, DC and Seattle, Washington

Telehealth Herbal Consultations and Health Coaching (in the future: Divination Services)

Julz Bolinayen S. Ignacio

they, them, any and all said with love / Ilokano, Filipinx / Based in O’ahu, Hawai’i – And travels quarterly to the West Coast to offer their services (Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles)

Intuitive Ritual Readings: Kilubansa Elemental Balance, Mana Medixin, Life Path; Spiritual Coaching & Mentorship; Energy Work/Bodywork (in-person future): Pagsasala Ritual and Ceremonial Tattoo

Noel Ramirez

he, him / Filipino / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Clinical Social Worker, Behavioral Health Consultant. Body Positivity, Substance Use Recovery (especially Opioids). Free Queer API Support Groups.

Olivia Wu

she, they / Taiwanese-American / Taipei, Taiwan

I Ching Reading, Knife Massage, Light Healing, Spiritual Chakra Art Healing, and Healing Workshops

Sonali Sadequee

she, they / Asian / Atlanta, Georgia
@sonaliwellness and contact via website

Yoga, Nutrition Coaching, Chakra Energy Healing, Imago (Couples) Therapy

Soultree Stephanie Camba

they, them, any and all said with love / Pilipinx, Marshallese / Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois

Reiki, Meditation, Tarot Readings, Grief Circles


Body Work

  • Acupuncture: A Chinese healing practice of using needles to release energy through specific points on the body.
  • Knife Massage: Tapping a client with dull knives, with a blanket as a barrier on the client, to balance and release qi (energy). A 2000 year old tradition from China.
  • Meditation: Breathing with intention to help calm and connect client with themself and their surroundings.
  • Somatic Healing: Supporting the body and nervous system in navigating emotions and sensations. Helping client learn how their body is connected to their mind, feelings and history.
  • Tattoo as Ritual: A tradition that helps client release and move through trauma. Transforming client’s pain and honoring their lived experiences. Tattoo as ritual uses the technique of handpoke. It is less abrasive on the skin, making the healing time much faster.
  • Yoga: A tradition from India, using meditation, breathing and movement to ground and align energy.

Energy Healing

  • Chakra Energy Healing: Chakras are energy points in the body. Chakra energy healing is balancing the energy in a client’s body. From Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
  • Light Healing: A type of energy healing like qi gong and reiki.
  • Qi Gong: A type of Chinese energy healing that helps release blockages in a client’s energy flow.
  • Reiki: A type of Japanese energy healing that helps release blockages in a client’s energy flow.
  • Shamanic Healing: Communication with the spirit world. Specifically with shamanic healing, practitioner can go between the spirit world and the material world to offer healing to the client.
  • Spiritual Chakra Art Healing: Balancing and clearing blockages in chakras through art.

Holistic Coaching

  • Body Positivity: All bodies are beautiful. Embracing and reclaiming beauty narratives, especially about size.
  • Lifestyle / Health Coaching: In-depth health intake and then work with a patient on creating a treatment plan than may include acupressure, herbs, exercise, dietary advice, etc.

Plant Based Medicine

  • Herbal Medicine: Using herbs and plants as medicine. Many practitioners learn Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Nutrition Coaching: Learning about foods that support client’s wellness.


  • Astrology: Interpreting the stars for client to better understand themself. Practitioners often read their client’s natal/birth chart to help discern information about them and how this relates to the present moment.
  • Divination: Communication with the spirit world through rituals and practices.
  • I Ching Reading: A way to resolve situations and seek guidance for the past, present and future through cards.
  • Kilubansa Elemental Balance Readings: Using client’s full name, Philippine numerology, Baybayin (writing system) and intuitive divining to help client work towards balance in their life.
  • Life Path Readings: Using tawas (Philippine divination rituals) to offer guidance about client’s life path and purpose.
  • Mana Medixin Readings: Using the Kapwa Tarot deck and tawas sa itlog (Philippine ritual) to give insight into a client’s life.
  • Mediumship: Communication with the spirit world, method varies based on practitioner.
  • Tarot Readings: Communication with the spirit world through cards.

Talk Therapy

  • Behavioral Health Consultant: Providing treatment for a wide variety of mental health, motivational, and medical concerns.
  • Clinical Social Worker: An area of social work focusing on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional distress. Individual, group and family therapy are common treatments.
  • Imago Coaching: A type of couples coaching where a client becomes aware of how their childhood impacts the present. Teaching skills to the client of how to work with their partner to heal these wounds.
  • Substance Use Recovery: Working with client to address root causes of addiction. Styles of recovery vary. Some therapists use harm reduction and others use sobriety or a combination of the two approaches. Ask therapist what method they use.
  • Talk Therapy: Holding space for clients to learn about themself, their families and their story.

Interested in joining the network?

API Healer Network – NQAPIA Criteria

Healers participating in the network must: 

  • Be 30 years or older
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of community engagement with either culturally specific or Pan-Asian groups
  • Must be trained in LGBTQIA + affirming practices and have experience working with trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people. If you don’t, especially as a cis straight ally, NQAPIA can connect you to educational resources, including working with cis straight allies
  • Be in therapy or work regularly with a healer (we believe that in order to support others, we need to support ourselves first)

If you have any questions or would like to contact the Health and Healing Justice committee, please email healthandhealing (at) nqapia (dot) org