Guest Blog: Queer United API Adopted Network

By: Liz Thomson
I was really excited to hear that the adoptee session that NQAPIA Board member and i2i CORE member Joy Messinger had organized resulted in the Queer United API Adopted Network (QUAPIAN).  Sometimes at conferences, discussion happens, but not a lot of action.  It was great that one of the attendees of the workshop really felt so passionately about it and started the dialogue going.

Who knows what might come next?  But at least there’s a forum and a method of connection.  As an adoptee who also identifies as bisexual living in the Midwest, I’ve often felt lonely and without a lot of agency.  But with Chicago i2i, NQAPIA, and now this group, it is all coming together.  Whether I ever meet any of the folks from QUAPIAN or not, what a great amount of experience and resources!

Thank you for everyone who is sharing their knowledge and love with each other.
Liz Thomson

NOTE:  The Queer United API Adopted Network is currently a private Facebook group that formed at the 2012 Conference.  For more information about the Queer United API Adopted Network, email to be referred to the network directly.

Liz Thomson with fellow Chicagoan and NQAPIA Board member Phill Ozaki at the 2009 NQAPIA Seattle Conference
Liz Thomson is a CORE member of Invisible 2 Invincible (i2i): API Pride of Chicago and is Assistant Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She recently completed a term on the Board of NQAPIA.