Multilingual Leaflets

Family is Still Family, Love is Still Love - English Leaflet

Support for Asian Parents to Love their LGBT Kids

The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) promotes acceptance of LGBT people, and our rights and dignity, amongst Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Yet, there are few resources, role models, and culturally relevant messages.

NQAPIA hopes to diversify the faces and languages of those who support the LGBT community. Our campaign supports AAPI parents who have LGBT kids and LGBTQ youth who aim to come out to their parents, who are often foreign-born immigrants or/and limited English proficient.

Towards this, we worked with parents to develop a series of one-page, translated leaflets for parents who have LGBT kids. The multilingual leaflets answer basic questions about being LGBT and dispel common misperceptions. They are in nineteen (19) Asian languages and scripts—the largest number of languages ever translated from a single LGBT document.

Chinese: Simplified scriptTraditional script
East Asian languages: KoreanJapaneseIndonesian
Southeast Asian languages: VietnameseThaiKhmerHmongLao
South Asian languages: HindiBengaliGujaratiPunjabiUrdu
Filipino: TagalogIlocano

These one-pagers were inspired by the renowned PFLAG booklet “When Someone You Know is Gay.” So many young people have conspicuously put it out at the kitchen table before the famous words, “Mom and Dad, I have something to tell you…” NQAPIA hopes that these one-pagers will help break the ice for this initial conversation and give comfort to parents who need support and information in their native language.

In addition, short, multilingual videos (PSAs) of AAPI parents who love their LGBT children have aired on Asian ethnic television stations across the country. Watch the videos in nine languages. Hear the parents tell their stories at the Family Acceptance Workshops.