About the Program

To promote visibility, NQAPIA will provide financial support to cover the tabling fees for outreach by local LGBTq AAPI organizations at non-LGBTq Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander cultural festivals and celebrations. NQAPIA will pay the fees for a table, booth, or parade participation/entrance for local LGBTq AAPI organizations to conduct outreach at mainstream non-LGBTQ cultural festivals. Preference is given to traditionally underrepresented groups, first-time outreach, bilingual or multilingual outreach, and the organization’s demonstrated need for support.

Eligible Event Examples

  • Lunar New Year Parades
  • Diwali Celebrations
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May
  • Nation-specific Independence Day celebrations (e.g., Pakistan, India, Philippines)
  • Other ethnic-specific events (e.g., Dragon Boat, Eid, Cherry Blossom)

This funding only covers tabling fees or group admission. The local organization must cover all supplies, equipment, material reproduction, and any giveaways. This funding does not support tabling at LGBTQ events or Prides festivals and is intended to support visibility of LGBT organizations in the AAPI community. NQAPIA may also provide assistance for media coverage of the tabling event.
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Application + Reporting Requirements

Groups must answer the following application and reporting questions:

  • Event info: name, fee, location, ethnic population, date
  • Information about the LGBT AAPI organization
  • Post-event report: a short description of the outreach and number of volunteers
  • Supporting Materials: a picture, materials distributed, and media coverage
  • Provide receipts of support to report on qualitative and quantitative results. For example, quotes showing about how they raised AAPI awareness or quotes from the crowd.

Organization provides the following:

  • Materials to be distributed and/or handouts
  • Training to volunteers on how to conduct outreach
  • Media advisories or outreach to local Asian ethnic media about outreach efforts
  • Sign-in sheets or other mechanisms to identify new and additional volunteers

NQAPIA will provide materials for distribution

Interested organizations must complete an application for funding with a completed copy of the tabling application form, and a signed agreement with NQAPIA.


Glenn D. Magpantay // 917-439-3158 // glenn_magpantay (at) nqapia (dot) org