NQAPIA’s national and regional functions happen on a triennial schedule. Last August, we hosted our National Conference in Chicago, and this August, we will host our Leadership Summit in New Orleans. Next year, we will travel closer to your communities through our Regional Summits. Our Summits are, for the most part, invitation-only for NQAPIA’s federation members. When we have the opportunity to catch up every three years at our National Conference, this open event becomes an affirming community reunion with endless space to learn, grow, and feel accepted in our LGBTQ and AAPI identities.

Leadership Summit of LGBTQ AAPI Organizations

This weekend-long training focuses on networking, learning about current issues, sharing strategies, building local organizational infrastructure, and forging collaborative programs. Prior convenings were held in Honolulu (2013), San Jose (2011), Chicago (2010), Denver (2008), and Oakland, CA (2005).

National Conference

This open conference brings together grassroots LGBTQ AAPI activists and community members from across the nation. Prior national conferences were in Chicago in 2015 (350 attendees), Washington, DC in 2012 (350 attendees), and Seattle in 2009 (250 attendees). New York’s 2004 conference (400 attendees) helped lay the groundwork for NQAPIA’s initial convening.

Regional Summits

To improve local partnerships and to build local presence, NQAPIA comes to you in our Regional Summits. In this space, we build community, build skills, and build knowledge that is relevant to your region and bridge it through our national work. We partner with local hosts for summits in the East Coast, Midwest, South, and West Coast.